Ish, Lead Vocals

I was Born in Santiago de Cuba, the county’s second largest city. My family moved around often due to dad’s duties as a Baptist pastor. Mom was a classical pianist and educator who was also the church’s musical director. Though  Cuban secular music was not encouraged at home, it was all around everywhere else, as well as that of many international pop stars both in Spanish and English. Coming from musical families, musical training was an important part of our education, so I received classical piano and ensemble voice training from mom as well as music theory and violin at the Dulce Maria Serret Provincial Conservatory in Santiago de Cuba.

After my family emigrated to the US, I was fortunate to be cast on several TV commercials including Nintendo, JC Penney, Pepsi, and Noxema, to name a few and used my newfound resources to help my family a little bit and also to pursue my vocation for music. Around that same time and through the efforts of a friend, I had the incredible opportunity to received vocal training from Rafael Basurto, the famed lead vocalist of the legendary Los Panchos. I also partnered with Francisco “Star” Del (AKA producer FRA NEFARIOUS) and radio personality Lia Escobar (one-time host of the most popular weekday afternoon radio show in South Florida on La MIA in West Palm Beach). We formed the company SLi Productions and worked in writing efforts with Tito Puente Jr, A. B. Quintanilla and Louie Louie et al, and also remixed songs of popular artists’ such as Martha Sanchez, Gloria Estefan, Kabah, Los Toros Band, as well as the European vocal group Boyzone (one of Simon Cowell’s earlier and most successful projects) among others for record labels such as Polygram, Universal and Crescent Moon. It was while working as a re-mixer that I was motivated to write, record and perform my own material.

After a chance encounter at a party with like-minded friends I co-founded the band ARENAS in 2003 in Miami with guitarist/vocalists Yoslay Lopez and  Joel Lopez, as well as the notable Latin jazz and pop musician and producer Alexis Tamayo, whose colabortions include Jencarlo Canela, Ricky Martin, Albaro Torres, Malena Burke, Irakere, and Lauryn Hill, among others. Together we went on to record and promote two independent albums, Primera Ofreta Publica and the self titled Arenas, completing several exciting TV appearances in shows like Pellizcame Que Estoy Soñando (with Carlos Otero), El Show de Fernado (with Fernando Hidalgo), and Esta Noche Tu Night (with Alexis Valdes) as well as a string of successful appearances at such prominent South Florida venues as El Cuarto de Tula, Kimbaracumbara, Bolero, and Club Caribbean among others. These efforts also included additional TV and radio appearances and concerts in Puerto Rico and Colombia due to a nascent fan base in those territories for the music of  Arenas. Now in Southern California and continuing the creative process, I have focused on writing and found new accomplices. Invited by friends working on original material, I went to watch a rehearsal so loud that I had to cover my ears to be able to sit through it. They asked if I would like to collaborate and my response was…”have you heard the kind of music I’ve been doing? I’ve been singing Latin music.” They said they wanted a singer, not a screamer, so I jumped in head and heart first. That band is BASH.  So please sit down and strap in, and for goodness’ sake keep your arms inside the car at all times. This is really gonna get interesting…