Quinn, Bass Guitar


Rhythm is in my soul, The sound of music and fantastical melodies echo throughout my skull.  The noise will never stop, not until the day that I drop. This is what I live for, I possess the great talent of creativity and I constantly strive for new musical experiences. My journey into the realm of music has taken me far and wide and has only just begun. I got my first guitar at a swap meet when I was six years of age. Since then I have participated in countless events and festivals playing in dozens of bands expressing myself in front of thousands of people, Learning how to play more instruments in the process, like the bass guitar, piano, the autoharp, and I have just started training my voice, thus propelling me into a new chapter of my musical career. I’m just having fun with it, simply for the love of it, though I know my potential. As I grew in age and wisdom, the rhythm has only grown stronger, the path has always been clear; I just had to follow my heart.  Though this world may often seem devoid of creativity and the life of a musician who desires success can be challenging and very competitive. I have nothing but love for those who want to bring their own sound into this community, therefor I have found myself working side by side with talented people of all ages and backgrounds, all of whom have shown me something new, for I learn from everybody I meet.  Every new encounter and experience has something wonderful to teach those who are willing to listen. Music can change the world, and that is just what I intend to do. It can be the light in the darkest of times, music can bring one peace, or the answers they seek, after all that is exactly what it has brought me. Now I want to return the favor using my own special talents and skills while working side by side with those who desire the same. I acquired inspiration from artists who are world famous and artists who are seldom spoken of, or practically unknown. All play an important part in our collective experience, all of whom, myself included,  make a difference. That is what music is about to me, not fortune and fame. Music is about expression, self-discovery and to inspire everyone who is willing to listen.