Britt, Drums

I began my drumming career at an early age of 12 when I discovered the beautiful sound of my #2 pencils beating on my school desk.  After a couple years of mastering the coordination of the pencil rhythm, (as well as driving all of my friends and teachers crazy) I soon graduated to beating my steering wheel to all of the great 80’s rock bands.  Finally, I bought my first drum set…a 12 piece double bass kit for $125 (and I overpaid!).  But it gave me the tools to start my long drumming adventure.

My major influences to drumming is and has always been the great Neil Peart from RUSH, but I have also been inspired by other great drummers such as Carter Beauford (DMB), Stewart Copeland and Steve Smith.  While in college, I played in a very successful 80’s cover band (back when 80’s music was the latest hits), and made guest appearances for several rock and blues bands.

My kit consists of a DW Custom Exotic shells with Remo Ambassador Black Suede Heads, DW hardware and DW9000 pedals.  I use Zildjian cymbals, along with a couple of quick tone Paiste.  For small venues, I utilizes my Roland V-Drums with acoustic cymbals.

Although I try to practice to complicated pieces, I focus on trying to be the rhythm and beat of BASH.  I try to limit showing off the “big fills”, the “fast hands”, and the “speed pedals”, but don’t be surprised if I throw a few in now and then!

Enjoy our show, enjoy the music and always enjoy the beat!!!